Regular meetings inside the consortium:

WP3 meeting: 21st October at 15:00  

WP1/6 meeting: 24th October at 15:00 – Report on Atrium

WP2 meeting: 28th October at 15:00

WP4 meeting: 4th November at 15:00

WP3 meeting: 18th November at 15:00

WP2 meeting: 25th November at 15:00

WP1/6 meeting: 28th November at 15:00

WP4 meeting: 2nd December at 14:00

WP2 meeting: 2nd December at 14:45

Governing Board5th December at 14:00

WP5 meeting: 9th December at 15:00

WP3/2 meeting: 16th December at 14:00

WP1/6 meeting: 19th December at 15:00

WP4 meeting: 6th January at 15:00

WP5 meeting: 13th January at 15:00

WP3 meeting: 20th January at 15:00

WP1/6 meeting: 23rd January at 15:00

WP2 meeting: 27th January at 15:00

WP4 meeting: 3rd February at 15:00


Kickoff meeting of the TWAC Project                                                                                                                 18th of May to 20th of May 2022                                                                                                                              Pécs, Hungary